You really want DOGE to moon? REAL TALK (Part 2)

*A couple of months ago, I put together the post* [*here*](*, explaining exactly what we should all be doing if we want doge to appreciate in value. I stand behind everything I wrote in that post, and I’ve got more to share today:*

# When in doubt, ZOOM OUT!

[On January 1st of this year, 1 doge was worth $0.003! We’re now 66x that!](

No matter how you look at it, Dogecoin has had an **astronomically good year**. It may not feel that way if you bought in late April to mid-May (or heck, almost any time after that), but it is vital to remember that this is the nature of crypocurrency. Ups and downs are part of the game. Don’t believe me?

[Bitcoin in 2019](

Anyone who was following BTC in 2019 will be experiencing major flashbacks this year with Doge. The movement was so similar: 2019 started off with BTC worth around $4,000, but in mid-March things started heating up, and its value peaked all the way up to $14,000 by late June. But the growth didn’t last, and for the rest of the year, with the exception of a few peaks here and there, the pattern was bearish until 2020. Without knowing what was coming next, you might’ve sold, especially after the scary drops in September and October! But if you had, you’d have missed out on this:

[Bitcoin, 2019-present](

No one could’ve predicted that by April of 2021, BTC would be **15 times** what it was in January 2019. No one could’ve foreseen the pandemic, or how that would factor in to the the sudden craze with retail investing during lockdown, the surge of interest in cryptocurrency, and all that has transpired since then. But it did happen, and here we are.

# Doge is experiencing a period of consolidation (finding a new floor)

Crypto does this all the time, and with much more intense *volatility* (ups and downs) than stocks. If you can’t stomach the rips and dips, you’d better get off the roller coaster. (I’d suggest investing in index funds instead) And if you’re investing more than you can afford to lose in the short term, you’ll learn the hard way.

As has been posted on this sub again and again, remember that ALL CRYPTO is in a period of consolidation right now. We are finding new floors/support lines for everything: BTC, ETH, LTE, everything. We might go down more, or we might go up tomorrow, it’s anyone’s guess. But long-term, Doge and the rest of crypto will do fine.

# So what can you do NOW?

Other than buying, there’s a very important element that I feel gets glossed over a LOT in this sub, so listen up: **For a cryptocurrency to grow, it must have** ***utility*****.**

In other words, it must have a use. It must be used as a currency, and it must be accepted as one, for it to attract new investors. And for that to happen, people must understand doge, and cryptocurrency as a whole.

Behold, the top Google searches for “dogecoin what” and “dogecoin how”

[How many of these questions can you answer?](

Dogecoin was about helping people, amirite? So let’s help ’em learn and start investing in our favorite shibe crypto. Here are some ideas to get you started:


1. Educate yourself! What’s the difference between Doge and Bitcoin (other than the amazing and superfun design)? Do you know about Dogecoin’s benefits over Bitcoin, including the fact that it’s easier to mine, and that it uses less resources/energy and is thus a *greener* alternative to BTC? Do you know why the lack of a hard cap on Dogecoin is actually a *benefit*, allowing it to grow at a fixed rate, much the way fiat currencies do? [Learn so you can answer others](
2. Become known in your family/circle of friends/community as not just that crazy Doge hodler with the HODL tshirts, but an *educator*. Why not make a post on FB or Insta, offering to help anyone who might be inclined to open an account with Kraken, Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance?
3. If friends/family are interested but find trading on their own too intimidating, why not offer to invest for them through your own account? This is an easy way to gain entry into crypo and get more eyes on the coin’s action without the hassle of learning about trading platforms and funding their own accounts. (Try this for pitching Dogecoin to friends/family: “Did you know that if you had purchased $100 worth of Dogecoin at the beginning of 2021, you’d now have enough money to…?)
4. Instead of bumper stickers/banners/billboards with “DOGE TO THE MOON”, why not “DOGE, BITCOIN’s FUN LITTLE BROTHER” or “DOGE, the FUN CRYPTOCURRENCY”. Become more transparent and accessible. The more this feels like an exclusive club, the less people are inclined to investigate. This is literally Marketing 101. Tell them **WHAT** to do, and **HOW**. Provide links, provide videos, even a QR code is better than nothing, anything to get them started on the path to shibehood.
5. Enough with this silly Doge VS other dog coin rhetoric. You didn’t like when the Bitcoin boys did it to you, so why do you feel the need to pick on the new kid on the block? Let people buy what they want. The fact is, most people invest in multiple coins, but if you’re bashing them over the head with FUD about what they’ve bought into, why would they ever join you here?
6. Having a garage sale soon? Posting on Craigslist or Next Door? Offer Doge as a form of payment. Even if you don’t get any bites, you may get requests for more information, and that’s where it starts. (I actually [did this](
7. Own a business? Learn [how to accept Doge as payment](, then pull the trigger. **If you really think Doge is going places, this is literally the best thing you could do for both yourself and the coin**. (Three months ago I sold a few video games for doge here on Reddit. The $50 worth of Doge I made at the time is now worth over $120) Too many people think of this coin as a stock, but that’s not what it is! It’s a currency, and to have value it must circulate!
8. If you’re on the other side of transactions (a buyer/customer) dealing with a small business, ask if they accept Dogecoin as payment. If not, offer to provide resources to get them started. If this person has already heard of the coin, this might just be the impetus they need to get started.
9. Finally, and probably most importantly, don’t use Robinhood. Use a legitimate exchange (there’s a whole list of them on the right hand sidebar on this subreddit)

Hope that helps!

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