Worminator – A New Age Launchpad & Rewarding Platform

Worminator🔥: community driven token, with a purpose to be a safe, reliable and a rewarding investment. ETA launch 11 July 18:00 UTC

🔴 WORMINATOR is a new project with a very advanced code. It was made by expert coders with years of experience and a great community. ✅

🔴 WORMINATOR is a transparent, decentralized utility project. This BEP-20 token is made to be a safe and reliable investment. We are eager to create a truly community driven utility token with a lot of amazing features.

Amazing features:

🔴 presale platform ✅
🔴 listing launchpad ✅
🔴 rewarding farm platform ✅
🔴 shared bot smartchain database ✅

Our custom Plugin-like architecture allows us to dynamically scale the project by adding more and more new features and dApps. ✅

By providing our custom made bot-protected presale and listing launchpad we guarantee the utility and scalability of the project. ✅

Currently we’re testing staking bnb rewarding farm which can provide a staking platform to other projects. The staking farm for WORMINATOR holders will be available before the listing ✅

🔴 Tokenomics:

1 billion total supply.
0% transfer fee,
5% buy transaction fee,
10% sell transaction fee: 50% goes to holders,
25% liquified,
10% burn,
15% project part.

🔴 Token Address:

Contract code is unique and advanced! you won’t be able to find the copy.
It was created and tested from scratch including: rewarding, farming, bot protection, taxation etc. You can check it on bscan and ask futher questions.


🔴 Whale Protection

We set a limit for the transaction amount. Also we have a minimum and maximum contribution amount for our presale. ✅

🔴 Rewarding

Enjoy rewards and interest for holding your tokens. Right now we are finalizing a farm that will reward LP/Token holders with real BNB as well as provide the possibility for other tokens to use our platform. ✅

🔴 Rug Proof

The liquidity will be immediately locked. We’ve designed a custom community driven liquidity locker that will enable future safe migrations. The contract is verified and available on bscscan. ✅

🔴 Deflationary

Worminator is designed with a limited token supply, our circulating supply decreases with every transaction. ✅

Is it a scam❓

Liquidity will be locked so there won’t be a way to take money out. Team is fully doxed during numerous AMA sessions. We refunded ~220 BNB to people from the previous launch, so we are truly transparent. Please, join our TG group for proofs if you need any. ✅

Do you have a contract audit❓

Yes, we have a basic audit check from Techrate and an audit from MythX. Join our Telegram channel and ask admins for more info ✅

Check it out on:

☑️ Website:
☑️ Twitter:
☑️ Telegram:

🔴 Worminator is backed by an active community of more than 14k investors on discord, called ⚫️ Shadow Investors. We find promising projects, invest and hold them. We track all our members, so that members who dump, get their ranks removed.

Join us!
⚫️ Discord:

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