Words of encouragement fro a .005 hodler

Hello. I currently am holding around 32k doge at an average price of .005. I bought a very long time ago. I would like to assure you all that no one like myself that bought in below a cent has sold their doge. Do you know why? Because we believe in the currency. We believe in the technology. We believe in the future of crypto. We believe in DOGE. I am seeing so many doubtful posts lately. Crypto is a LONG game of chess. It is not a quick flip unless you get very lucky and catch a wave. Don’t be that fool that dumps his coins for low value because you are sick of waiting. You invested that money for a reason, stick to your gut and dont turn back now. To $1 and beyond whether it happens tomorrow or in 5 years.

What do you think?

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  1. I wish I could go back In time to when I spent $250 at .0026. I’d no question buy more but trust me when I say I have zero remorse for selling at 60cents. Profits are healthy so don’t ever feel ashamed to take money. It’s extremely rare to turn $250 into almost $60k in a year.

  2. Plenty of people sell for a variety of reasons. I helped a friend sell 25k worth the other day from what he had been holding since there were alot more 0’s after the . They still has plenty left, but 25k less debt.

    Nothing wrong with selling or hodling, do what’s right for you and help others do the same. D.O.G.E.

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