WinLink – The hottest new rewards token with the strongest community revival!

Welcome to **WinLink**!

**WinLink** was deployed by a trusted dev in our community to create strong, robust rewards projects.

After renouncing, the community stepped in and took over.

APE LEVEL : Ape 4: This coin will moon. I have done my research and this includes a lot of good checkmarks (bumping tele, website, locked liquidity, small holders etc).

**WinLink** is a true community token that is driven by high Link rewards. A true Gem, waiting to be carried forth, the new team has taken over the Telegram and all marketing angles to provide a smooth new way ahead.

**ChainLInk** is a powerful token that is used to expand the ability of smart contracts and ensure reliability and security. With an advanced, decentralized oracle network Chainlink provides tamper proof inputs and outputs for complex smart contracts on any blockchain.

**WinLink** is special because its an early gem that pays out in LINK, not BUSD or BNB or USDT, but ChainLInk which is a gem to itself. Compound your gains of getting into an early gem with receiving LINK rewards also!

Chainlink is LINK on the BSC and is a stablecoin pegged to the value of Chainlink. That means you get the benefit of holding Chainlink and the gain in value, without having to swap on to a different chain.

Join the community to get active in a great, trusted circle of BSC enthusiasts, earn passive LINK and get involved in a SUPER early moonshot that pays you to hold. Our community was built by enthusiasts and BSC lovers that trust each other and have proven their worth. The community has created an admin team, engaged in trend and viral marketing, performs raids and continues to develop the project beyond the original developer could’ve dreamed.

The new development team doesn’t even sleep, has taken this over like their baby and is intent on growing it huge. No “sleeping dev”, no abandoned project, just a worldwide team of people that know what they’re doing and see the value of this project.

The website Version 3 is now live at [****]( !

* Contract renounced
* 100% community driven
* Tech Rate Audited V1

**11%** CHAINLINK reflections

**7%** to LP

**1%** Maximum transaction amount buy or sell

**Contract:** 0x99f6b6c8838438a1dbac9cd98114fad2c44a1977

**Twitter:** [](

**Telegram:** [](

**Website:** [](

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