Will We Remain Strong πŸ’ͺ or Run the Other Way with Loss?

When I first got in all you read was positive encouragement from thousands upon thousands of online chat and Twitter.

The question that I ask is what happened to all these enthusiasts??? They and “we” all need to get back to those days.

Sure it is dismal at moment with too many “freaking out” and scared to rah, rah Doge.

Elon has confused alot of Doge holders. He posts strange tweets, and you have to now decide where he stands.

It’s not up to Elon to hold the line, although I hope he will be more direct soon in support. His silence has many worried.

Anyway, we all need to hold the fort, push Doge again on social networks. Voices that were raised and excitement early on got Doge started…In fact, “we” made it the number 6 crypto at one point.

Can we do it again? It’s worth a try don’t you think?

Doge…πŸ• wolf, wolf, …

What do you think?

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