Why True Hodlers will be REWARDED

Take a look around the sub in the past hour. The announcement of open beta of the wallet being the first week of August has flooded us with whining crying wannabe mooners. These people are so impatient that a week, a month, a few months is too much for them to handle. Had the whole crypto market been up they would all be selling and gone right now. The fact is the market is down so even though they are sooooooo upset over this (lol) the price is not moving down because they aren’t selling. Better believe though the moment this market upswings they will sell the moment they 1.5 or 2X. Same emotional and impatient investor. These are not true mooners. More like visitors to the launch pad who will turn into spectators.

To be clear – John was transparent in the AMA when he said that after closed beta they would be moving to open beta. He did not at anytime say a full release would be at the end of this month. This same thing occurred at the time of the original announcement that the wallet was coming. The June date was for signups, but everybody was ballistic because they wanted it then. Be prepared on Aug 7th if that is for 10k android users to signup as well.

While we have enormous projects being undertaken by this team to include Gambia, the exchange, and our own blockchain, take a moment to reflect on what a wallet truly means for us as a community.

Name other cryptos that have their own exclusive wallets? A mere few and if they do it’s usually through 3rd parties.

Name some trusted wallets on the market? A handful at best.

There are over 4K cryptos and 99% of them don’t have what we have about to drop. We are about to embark on this journey of independence. This team in everything they do is setting Safemoon to be INDEPENDENT. Our own wallet, Our own exchange, Our own blockchain, and our own ecosystem.

Safemoon team is positioning themselves to dominate the crypto space. True investors, True hodlers, True mooners understand this. It’s not how much you own – it’s how long you’re willing to wait.

What do you think?

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  1. I love when somone with a level head speaks as you did. Thanks you for saying what you said here. Just because there is a vocal minority of the community crying (literally) out right now… That doesn’t mean the smart people arnt sitting here with patience while we shake our collective heads at the Fudders and whiners. If they sell we will be a better community for it.


    It’s not a promise for end of July public release, it was a plan. I’m a bit surprised people don’t remember or look it up, it’s right on SFM twitch. The issue is not the delay, it’s that they knew it would be pushed back since a few weeks ago but didn’t tell people, so people were left wondering and believing. It’s a rug pull of expectations.

  3. Lol i saw the news today after not even thinking of safemoon for a while and was like damn, that’s good timing with the wallet. Came on here and realized how many people are super impatient. And only a week into the next month is barely a delay so people are just bitching to bitch.

  4. Well honestly we were fortunate enough to find a company that has massive potential and get in on the ground floor. That has huge implications for hodlers with diamond balls.

    If you wanted to put your money in a more established product, spend 34.5k usd for 1 Bitcoin.

    We took a risk and continue taking a risk by hodling. We’re taking entry level risk in a company we believe in in hopes of returns down the line. Not jumping into an established product and spending 3/4 of their life savings on a Bitcoin.

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