Why the mentality of this sub and in general crypto being a millionaire?

Why are you guys so obssed on being a millionare or bust with $100? thats like buying a lottery ticket and hoping you are going to win the lottery.

Dont be obsessed on having 1B or 5B or 10B on Safemoon or being sad that you cant reach your 1B or 500M, your mentality should be always looking to invest on good projects for good returns, if you investing on something that gives you 10-20% in 1 year or more thats a great investment, 20% on $100 is still 20%, is 20dollars that you EARNED, dont be sad if you are not a millionaire, stop thinking on what others ppl have and start thinking on WHAT YOU are gaining if you invested $500 on SFM and you didnt get $1M but you got $5000 thats still A LOT OF MONEY, every cent and dollar counts.

Millionaire or bust is a poor mentality to be honest. use Crypto as an hedge for regular investing not as a lottery ticket.

What do you think?

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  1. I have about 9 million Safemoon in my wallet. I don’t expect to get rich on it. Honestly if it hits .01 in the long term (5+ years), it would be one of the best investments I’ve ever made. If it goes to zero, I lost less than $100. I check the price every so often to see where I’m at.

  2. It’s not about the million dollars, it’s about not being a slave in this broken system and living free and financially independent. 20% a year on my 100$ won’t allow me to quit my job, will it? 20% a year on my 100$ won’t allow me to secure my family and my children and keep us out of the poverty and prevent us from wasting our life away by doing toxic degrading jobs. I think that’s more the reason, the nice car is just a cool bonus that comes with having lots of money and being financially free.

  3. I’m over 50, I have a 401K, I have other investments and I make good money. Crypto is new for me and yea it’s millions or bust for Safemoon. It’s a risky long shot and if it hits amazing, if not oh well, I won’t retire early.

  4. I was very lucky to get in early, as soon as I hit enough to pay my mortgage I’m selling. Don’t care if it goes on to make millions and millions I’ve set my goal & I’m sticking to my plan.

    I’ve learned the hard way too many times and I won’t make the same mistake again. Have a plan, stick to it.

  5. Very true and should be shared. Safemoon is probably lots of people’s first intro to crypto and investing. I feel some people don’t understand how amazing a 20% return actually is, and that true wealth is mostly built on compounding returns as opposed to just one investment.

  6. The token isn’t a joke. People need to set their expectations. Literally any poll and thing the devs say the community responds with 10x, too the moon, wen lambo, here’s x that I’m going to buy.

    …seriously and people wonder why we look kind of like a joke from the outside. Looking from the outside in people see a cult saying how they’ll all be millionaires and whatnot. And the saying goes if it’s too good to be true it is. So I can side with why outside communities see us as a get rich deal. Not because of the project itself but the tone the community sets.

    Hopefully the project goes well and most of the people saying wen lambo and them wanting to get rich get bored and sell off for something else.

    So only time will stabilize the community and the annoying ones will be filtered out.

  7. Looks like somebody bought at the ATH!! 😆😆😆 I’m here to “moon!”
    ….but if all I get are steady, badass gains and a great community that’s changing the whole Crypto atmosphere…I guess I am cool with that, too.

  8. This mentality right here answers the question “How can there be 2 million Safemoon millionaires?” The answer is there won’t be, some people are happy with $20 that is taxed to $12 lol

  9. So what your saying is dream realistically which in itself is a paradoxical oxymoron of a statement just saying! Buy strong and prosper my fellow Safemoon fam 💪🏻

  10. Honestly I feel like all the OG/1st month investors are either out or are being quiet. All I see now are “10x, to the moon, or the devs are gods we need to worship them” posts, it’s almost like r/dogecoin now. Just hype posts nowadays.

  11. I bought just a little when my son told me but it was at its high and has went down but I’ll hold till I need to sell. Not looking to get rich just trying to make a few dollars.

  12. I mean what do you expect, it’s a bunch of kids and lower class adults trying to get rich? Nothing wrong with dreaming big. These are also the type that literally cling to everyone word the Devs saying, treating it like gospel, going HAM on Twitter. Personally I think it’s a waste of time but my opinion means nothing and they aren’t harming anyone so no harm no foul.

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