Why safemoon?

Hello guys

Im a safemoon Holder I Hold a decent amount I saw it go from above a good amount to what is is now, and I’m starting to lose faith, I know the coin is a few months old I know the market is down but I mean it’s not the only coin with a wallet or with these Toconomis what is so special then about safemoon, I mean binance doesn’t even list safemoon but does list shiba or other coins.

And don’t tell me that safemoon is a competitor to binance because that’s not true safemoon is build on bnb and binance is the biggest exchange with lowest fee and good stacking/earn platform, I don’t see why safemoon can ever compete to binance.

The bridge doesn’t looks so special to me, and there exchange hmm I don’t know why would it attract people to use it with a 10% fee I mean trading with 10% is a lot..

I hope someone can let me have a look from the other direction

What do you think?

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  1. You forgot one big factor. Marketing. Marketing is why doge is where it’s at. Safemoon’s marketing is insane and the reason why it will survive this “crash”.

  2. That’s OK, you’re supposed to feel doubt and uncertainty, it’s the main reason money flows into markets, no offence dude, but you’re most likely very unexperienced in trading and investing, so I’ll ask you these questions

    what changed over the last month that made you doubt it, is it just the price, or is something fundamentally different that you feel will affect the project, including any external factors

    What was your original plan to hold for

    Is there any reason you need to take it out

  3. We have past this point. No one is going to convince you as to why SAFEMOON is so amazing, you’re obviously able to carry out research, so do that, and stop trying to use this community to satisfy your wee paperhanded panic attacks 🤣🤝 and if you don’t feel comfy you know what to do….sell away good sir and let me reap the pleasures lol

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  5. If you don’t know why then that shows you haven’t done any or very little research. Why would someone invest money in something they don’t know about? IYKYK what’s going to happen.

  6. Ok my friend, since you are loosing your faith in Safemoon, I can gladly accept and hold your decent amount of Safemoons. I am very much open to decent amounts of Safemoons.

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