Why I bought Dogecoin

So I’m quite superstitious, and my dog was going for an op to remove lumps and get spayed. I was drinking and stressed and my friend was talking about doge and I watched an Andrei Jikh video on Doge and I thought it was a good idea and good luck charm to buy £100 of doge, part of me thought it’s money that could pay for vet bills. It was only $0.07 when I got in. I was on Twitter one day in April and saw Doge trending. I saw the price but part of me just says no you can’t sell ever it’s a bad omen. I’m still in profit but I don’t want to ever sell unless it’s absolutely necessary. I actually feel embarrassed that I’m being this superstitious and attached to Doge, my first crypto.

What do you think?

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  1. Take your feelings and emotions out of it. You’ve already left a lot of money on the table. Life changing money is out there, just gotta know when to pull out and not look back, just look forward to the next play.

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