Why does the price of Ethereum jump from £1370 to £1502 when I choose to pay on card?

Currently on the exchange ETH is trading at £1370, as UK user 0 fee bank deposits have been closed down for the time being, so our only option pay is on card with a 2% fee.

So I click to buy crypto with card, and then at the next page it immediately says the price of ETH at the top is actually £1480? What is this about? I’ve never noticed that on a card payment it jumps up by price this significantly? Then when I click to go to confirm it now jumps to £1502, shows a total of £300 and a fee of £6.

This fee comes within the £300 so you really only get £294 worth of ETH which is fine, by this is still miles off what I exchange price says you should get for £300;

£300 @ £1370 = .21897

£300 @ £1502 = .19973

£294 @ 1502 = .19573

So it’s not the fee that’s changing this price so much, the price of ETH is jumping significant as soon as you choose to buy through a card payment.

However when 0 fee FasterPayments was an option, I’d never noticed the price of the crypto you’re trying to purchase jump so significantly, it’s even the same thing with BTC went from £22,000 to 22,200. Can anybody explain this?

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