Why did the market get so saturated all of a sudden ?

Feels like a new coin is popping up every other minute. Why though ? What happened to cause this ?

I personally blame the success of certain meme coins like Doge, which aren’t necessarily bad coins but are encouraging the imitation from shit coin start ups.
The biggest problem is that this is making it so hard for newer projects to compete and get exposure.

Some of these new projects are resorting to launchpads but I honestly think only a few launchpads on the market get the job done, others are a waste of time. I think DFIstarter is a good one among them, their launching tactics and exposure are really good. I’ve seen a couple of their projects and they’re really good at what they do.

But this still doesn’t solve the problem that this sudden spike in coins caused. Other legit coins are starting to suffer and we need to find solutions asap otherwise there will be consequences.

What do you think?

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  1. People kept being successful with creating a new clone of an existing coin, with a slightly different name, and flogging it off to anyone & everyone. They made money each time, so kept doing it. Then others joined in.

    If someone can make money by doing it, they’re not going to stop…

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