Why are so many start-ups failing ?

Aside from scams and start ups that are straight up BS. Some of the projects with actual good ideas are failing bad and fast.
I personally blame bad launch tactics and marketing.

The market right now is very hype oriented. You don’t have hype ? 9/10 you’re gonna fail (which is really sad, but it’s the reality)

I mean they can always get a launchpad as leverage for their launch. But even those are looking a little flimsy nowadays. Only good launchpads I know are Polystarter and GPool is the best by far. The latter is also good for investors since it has no tiers for investment and no whale wallets allowed. But other than that most launchpads are straight bull…

It’s sad to see so many promising projects fumble just because of something as simple as marketing or picking bad launchpads. Sometimes I think the whole markets needs a revamp.

What do you think?

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