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The biggest issues haters have with safemoon is it’s lack of use case or new unique technology. I really think people are missing the point.

Does Crypto need another blockchain or another token for the unbanked?
I think Crypto needs to be easier to access for everyone including the unbanked. A one stop app where you can control your currency, simplicity to trade coins & tokens, exchange to currency of you choosing without insane fees. I’m fed up of being interrogated like a criminal by my corrupt bank for depositing or withdrawing crypto.

There needs to be a universal way to withdraw or spend said currency, we need visa, MasterCard and any other payment processing company’s that are already established in whichever regions they are targeting because that’s what the people know and trust.

I liken safemoon to Apple, they never really invented any new technology. Simply took existing tech and squeezed it together with sexy designs, user friendly operability and some good marketing.

Safemoon don’t need to invent new shit just make crypto easier to use in the world around us.
Imagine being able to send crypto to someone standing in front of you, quicker than it would take you to reach in your pocket, count the cash, and had it over. That’s what will draw people in!!

Bridges, wallet, exchange all rolled into one with tokenomics as encouragement to save and the ability to be free from the limited reach of the internet via a meshed network!

Time will tell what direction the team take this. I’m continuing to add fully prepared to wait for the next bull run.

What do you think?

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  1. There’s an ingredient that goes unappreciated when looking at the whole stew, and that’s boots on the ground.

    This stuff in Africa is likely more complex that what is being alluded to and I don’t mean the tech. It’s the soft skills that matter and the ability to explain an idea that will make people’s lives easier to individuals that are not technical. The team went there, met face to face, and is offering to help in whatever way they can to make implementation a reality.

    Like me, I’m sure some of you are seeing the parallels between what Safemoon is building in the Gambia, and what Jack Mallers (Strike) and Bitcoin Beach are doing in El Salvador. El Salvador is in the lead, of course, they were using bitcoin before those other companies took notice. But there is a similarity in that representation from both projects are spending time in the perspective regions.

    That’s the reason I’m invested in Safemoon, they are not like 99% of the other projects out there just trying to sell you on an idea while the project team just sits behind a keyboard. They are doing the ACTUAL WORK, with real human beings, building relationships, and putting reputations on the line to make something great happen.

    I love what I see happening in El Salvador (if you have not seen Jack Maller’s presentation at Bitcoin 2021 on Youtube it’s worth a watch), and I love what’s evolving in the Gambia. These efforts will eventually serve as models that will be replicated around the world. If multiple projects are competing, even better. In the end, team human wins.

  2. This post hits the nail on the head. Safemoon is not revolutionary, they don’t claim to be. They are evolutionary — and they talk about togetherness a lot. An ecosystem that plays nice with all other ecosystems would greatly evolve the whole landscape and provide the non-cryptomaniac a one-stop place to get comfortable in the cryptosphere.

    I was freaked out buying crypto for the first time. “Fucking pancake swap? No way that’s a legit site…” but it turned out it was. The whole industry seems to be tuned to the comedic appetite of gamers and webophiles, which is often extremely off putting to the general public.

    A verified app on the app stores that accomplishes all of the tasks like “go to this site, to your wallet, then a different wallet because you can’t swap that there, but you can swap it here and send it back…” would be a game changer for the average consumer. And it’s all within one all that you trust, kind of like mobile banking. Except I don’t trust my bank too much these days…

  3. Think of tokenomics as an incentive to break away from fiat. Which is more then any bank can give. Its just at the beginning of its life right now. Once adopted as this year has seen a mass movement. It shows which direction crypto is also leaning too. It doesn’t mean it will take over, but there should be more then one solution in crypto. I think this is a major step towards a lot of good things for us.

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