When you hear the pop and you smell it!

When you hear the pop! Thats the sound of your head coming out of your ass! Bitcoin is Magic fairy dust its and intangible inflationary gambling mechanism with no known creator nor ceo nor country nor foundation standing upon solid judgement and determination of sound mind. It is this seemingly inexorable judgement of mind, inexorable even unto the questionability of its own structure and belief system. Like flies on shit, bitcoin was supposed to be a digital western union or moneygram. Well i hate to burst everyones crypto bubble (elon) but you all have essebtially taken part un a internet swap of money values as if you plan to take over the world when all you are doing is playing high card low card. And if that starts making sense then you might understand that its tech not currency you would maybe buy stock in western union? Im sorry but i know bullshit when i smell it!

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  1. Have you read the whitepaper? I don’t care who wrote it, it’s pure genius. A large amount of people in this sub don’t really care or follow the hype bullshit or about trying to make a million dollars. We follow and support the technology as it has the potential to provide incredible freedom and empowerment. If you have read the whitepaper already, I recommend reading it again and googling all the words and concepts (the CS, cryptography, and game theory) that you don’t understand.

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