When you ask “what coin are you gonna switch to”, it shows how little you know so stop asking it

It has no context and answers nothing. For the few that answer legitimately, they never specify what cards they have so perhaps they could be right, or perhaps they’re idiots just saying another coin that may be within 30% profitability when Eth won’t even drop in profitability that much. Or they just see people say RVN and monkey see monkey do. There will be a big difference between someone using an RTX 2060/2080 (which miners shouldn’t really be using unless it was the only thing you could get or had it from gaming) and an RTX 3070/3080. Aug 4th won’t change a thing for basically all 30 series, 1660super, rx 5700, and a bunch of other cards.

Also there’s the fact that we have no clue what prices will do in the next month because Ethereum could rally huge in relation to other coins.

A bunch of RTX 20 series on Nicehash or people mining on their own will likely get switched over to mine something else which will push profitability down for everything else along with Ethereum. If Ethereum profitability has like 10-20% to drop still after EIP 1559 from current levels, everything else will drop 5-15%.

Edit: This was based on EIP 1559 for what they’ll switch to. For those asking for after Proof of Stake what they’ll switch to, you’re talking about something that’s maybe 8 months off or more so noone has a freaking clue. Not to mention this is asked so damn often.

What do you think?

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  1. I cringe at these “what to mine after ETH goes POS”.

    The inevitable “I’m gonna mine Raven!”… “I’m gonna mine ERGO!”… “I’m gonna mine RYO, ETC… etc, etc…”

    No, you dumb fuckz, you don’t get to choose.

    A smart guy knows you mine whatever is most profitable. You don’t get to choose. lol

  2. I know very little. But, pardon my french, and I mean this only in the most disrespectful way, but go fuck yourself. Here’s why. I ask to learn. So if the question comes up it’s not to teach YOU a lesson, but to learn one myself. Have a great day, ya dick!

  3. August 4th changes profitability for all cards. WTF are you talking about. 2000 or 3000 series, doesn’t matter.

    Also, we (who have been doing this a long time and understand all aspects of it) do know what will happen after PoS for ETH. It will be the end of profitable GPU mining. ALL other coins will be overwhelmed by previous ETH hashrate and they will all return pennies and be sub electrical cost returns.

    ASIC mining will be all that is left.

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