When to sell?

I’m new. Let’s get that straight. Just got into stocks and crypto early June (post bull run).

Already I’m feeling like I’m starting to understand the buy and hold mantra, treating crypto as tokens rather than looking at the negative $$$ signs attached to my losses.

Already I’m becoming desensitized to the volatility, knowing that with patience and not over leveraging I can outlast the long night ahead (assuming we’ve entered the bear).

My question is for those who’ve experienced one or two bull runs. I’d like to know, from your time in crypto, how do you stop from scratching that itch to sell when Eth or any crypto is pumping?

I understand there is DCA buying and selling but I’m wondering what you’ve learned on how to gauge market tops vs fakeouts. I don’t want my first time out of the red to give me paper hands but I also don’t want to hold your bag thinking eth is going to 60k next cycle.

What do you think?

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  1. This might say more about my brain than I should share, but I’ve literally convinced myself that the money I have put in is gone. If I wake up one day and it’s up big, great! Otherwise, I’d have just spent it on beer, pizza, and video games XD

  2. I have studied this stuff hours a day and am down 30k currently. There’s tons of details that you will learn each time.
    I really believe it’s 80% whale/market manipulation, news, and what Bitcoin does. Every situation is different. Live and learn!

  3. For bull markets – I just sell in small increments on the way up. Sell when the green candles are just absolutely ridiculous and then eye your re-entry point when the market dips.

    For bear markets – buy when despair is thick in the air and sell the dead cat bounces.

    Of course, easier said than done.

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