When the faucets run dry…

I’ve been trying to get enough GoEth to test a validator for days now. Unfortunately, getting the GoEth has proven much more of a challenge than setting up the validator. In terms of faucets:

* [Georli Authenticated Faucet]( – Hasn’t been distributing for 6 days now.
* [DAppNode Goerli Authenticated Faucet]( – Not sure how long this one has been out of commission, but it’s perpetually offline.
* [Goerli Testnet Faucet]( – This one works, but distributes in such small quantities (.05 per) that it would require 640 individual requests to get enough test Eth. The site seems to have a limit of around ~1 GoEth per day. (Yes, I did try clicking and re-captcha-ing 21 times.)
* [MyCrypto Faucet]( – This one also works, but distributes even smaller quantities (.01 per); would require 3,200 requests.

I’ve also gone down the Discord rabbit hole, where Prysmatic Labs has disabled their faucet since May, and EthStaker appears to work, but is Prater-specific.

Rather than setting up and testing a validator, I’m wondering whether I should be looking into setting up a TestNet crypto exchange. 🙂

If anyone could help me out with the needed 32 GoEth, I’d sure appreciate it:

What do you think?

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  1. I am having the same issue. Once u/SanDiegoTieGuy gets what they need I would appreciate someone sending me 64 GoEth as well. Here’s the address: 0x593923f8bA0a4A0476c66Cf91EfA4e0b2Cd88E53

    Thank you!

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