When do you guys think crypto payments will become mainstream ?

I personally think it’s going to take a little longer than we expected, especially after the recent dip in the market.

The thing is that retail companies and banking institutions ARE willing to accept crypto payments, but are still watching to see how the market performs. So in that regards, we took a small hit in the past couple months.

However some companies are already implementing ideas that are slowly pushing crypto into the mainstream market. Things like Visa and credit compatible cards are already a thing and they’re pretty useful. I myself use one. I’m using a Gold Wallet from Bitcoin Vault. It’s helps me out a lot with standard transactions and I think it’s a good idea to push crypto in the market.

Either way, I think crypto payments are inevitable. I just thought it’ll come a little sooner. But I guess we still need to wait a little. What do you guys think ?

What do you think?

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  1. With time, I believe crypto would become a part of our daily lives. Another company that’s making much wave in the space is Baanx with their crypto friendly payment services. With the partnership with Visa, comes the opportunity to spend digital assets at millions of in-store and online merchants worldwide. IMO I think it’s happening sooner than expected.

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