What’s the point of the wallet without a buy button?

I know I will instantly be hated on for this post, but as the title states, “whats the point of the wallet without a buy button?”

This wallet has taken 4 months and cost us investors 1 million dollars in donations.

To start with, it’s obvious safemoons biggest barrier to growth currently is how hard it is to purchase the coin,
The wallet was meant to be the first product to solve this issue.

We were told we would be able to get a simplex debit card to spend our crypto to increase volume and most importantly we would be getting a simplex buy button, streamlining the process to buy for newbies by 99%.

Now we are being told the debit card idea is having legal trouble and that we will not be getting the buy button with launch, and no estimate date on it either? Where is the transparency, I want to know exactly what’s going on with my investment, but instead of covering this topic on Twitter to clear things up we get utter shite tweets such as “type safemoon with your eyes closed” wtf.

Seriously I think releasing the wallet without the buy button is a major mistake and a kick in the teeth to all investors, we do not give a shit about a calculator if you can’t even get the basics right.

I imagine a lot of people would’ve topped up their balance when the wallet released just to test out the feature and to buy into the hype a bit, now presumably in 2 months + time when we finally get the buy button the hype around the wallet will be gone.

Essentially we are being released a glorified balance viewer with a calculator, apart from the wallets security what does the wallet even offer if you can’t use the SAFEMOON wallet to buy safemoon.

I really think they are making a massive mistake by releasing what is essentially an unfinished and underwhelming product, if they want to succeed this is the sort of thing they have to get right, there should be no space for failure on their literal only product they’ve released so far, and by far the simplest of products they’ve promised.

I wish they were more transparent with these things instead of wasting time on shit interaction farming tweets.

What do you think?

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  1. I’m not surprised that buy button has been somewhat challenging. I’m a US citizen and I have to take pictures of me, my drivers license, front and back to buy crypto with bitmart, coinbase and cashapp. I believe the team is working diligently to get this done. I know we will lose many of you, but I intend to be here when we soar. They have given an aggressive schedule and I can wait.

  2. I actually agree with this. The Wallet was hyped beyond belief, and the promo video they put out clearly showed a Buy Button. The Buy Button was also one of the most important/requested features. If it doesn’t end up having one, they would have been better off announcing a later launch date and working it in.

  3. I know I’ve told people at work about it and the first question I get is. Is it on Robinhood or Coinbase and when I tell them no and explain how to buy it all their interest goes away!!!! If it was easier to buy we can get so many more people on board with this project!!! I still believe in safemoon 100% and I would never sell anytime soon, hell I just doubled my bag today but the buy button is so important

  4. It’s such a huge problem too that Safemoon has AWESOME social media engagement, memes, community, etc. but all that engagement is being squandered with no “buy it now” option. Think of how many people would click that, and when they get to the page to do swapping etc they say eh no way too complicated for a new to crypto person

  5. ugh.

    I just want a fkn buy now button dont care if its on the app or website

    or listed on []( coinbase binance something that dont have Cumroket and shit like that listed.

    Volume would increase if we just made it simple to buy and develop use case.

    till then we will be looked at as the Shit/Meme/Scam token.

    i need a break. im tired of PCS simplex fees or coinbase xlm to bitmart or bitcoin on cashapp Bullshit.

    just buy safe moon button would do. (No buy safemoon Button Exist do not fall for scams)

  6. Come on guys, these guys are wizards. Trust in the gambia, the blockchain, the exchange. We have huge projects in the pipeline…

    …so just have faith in these huge projects while the wizards fail to make the coin easy to purchase and fail to implement the tokenomics, which should be the two most important things to get done before everything else.


  7. I’m with you as well. One dude says SM isn’t a company so we have no rights? What is he smoking?? Fuck. The claim community driven. Not so much. Any way. What’s the deal about the card? That’s new for me

  8. while i agree with you on your points, i am glad they are releasing a wallet, especially with the level of encryption it has. I have my safemoon on the bitmart exchange, because I have heard stories of people getting scammed and hacked and I am wary of Trust wallet and other wallets out there. When the safemoon wallet comes out, as corny as it sounds, i will feel like my crypto is in a wallet i can trust, and thats why im excited for the wallet.

  9. Agreed. I bought in 2 months ago, and have been down 70% since. Yeah mostly because of the crypto market blah blah, but the volume is horse $hit and it just keeps getting worse. We need some progress. And a wallet you can’t buy on is no better than trust wallet, so that doesn’t help. And all the Owl tweets and cryptic clues don’t help. We need real progress on the real problem of low volume.

    Im just hoping for a surprise early release of the exchange or blockchain at this point.

  10. The transparency is that they are keeping us updated. What’s so hard to understand about that? Challenges come and go but if we become negative or angry at every challenge than why even be called a SafeMoon supporter? It will be fine. They will figure something out. We have to be supportive.

  11. I’ve been saying the same exact thing. Where is the buy now button. It’s almost like an epic quest to buy SFM now. Since May they’ve said “simplex buy now button”. Lmao what a fucking joke

  12. Isn’t the point of the closed beta and then the open beta to find issues with the product? Obviously one of the issues is the buy button. So they release it in open beta without the buy button working, and when it works, then they put out a release that is the full release and not a beta. That seems like pretty typical procedure to me. I wouldn’t expect a beta release of anything to be fully functioning.

  13. I’ve worked with developers in real estate for web projects. In my experience, there is usually a launch of a “viable” product which goes live. It typically has the basic functions to meet requirements.

    This is a wallet. They should meet that minimum requirements for a launch.

    As I agree, it would make more sense to launch with the buying system in place, that is not the case.

    There is so much demand for “now now now”. Well, peeps are going to get it “now”. The basic viable solution.

    Next steps would be to incorporate the buying mechanics once polished.

    I guess 4 months is not quick enough for some.

    I’m really not a fan of hype, it gets old quick and creates expectations. But, I guess this is how this is going to roll to keep peeps either interested or impatient.

  14. Dude your not invested in a company. This isn’t stocks. You have no right to know anything. This is constantly said from people who think crypto is a stock platform. You own nothing other than made up tokens. Your invested in an idea and the hope that things work out. That’s it. You can downvote me till I’m in the abyss but it’s the truth. I see constant posts that they need to b transparent. They don’t. But be glad they are. The button will come when it comes. 4 months is not a long time to go from nothing to what they are doing.

  15. No buy button on wallet?


    I saw a post of some guy moaning about there not being a buy button on the wallet saying its “85%” of the functionality… (Hasnt even been confirmed OR DENIED)

    Umm, Im not waiting to download the wallet for a buy button..

    I want the wallet to get my shit off Trust Wallet.

    I want the wallet because of the military grade security they have actually been hyping up.

    I want the wallet to support the Safemoon brand.

    I want the wallet because once we get that done, its on to the other components of the Safemoon Ecosystem.

    I want the wallet because that shows that Safemoon is actually getting shit done and crushing FUD that says they arent doing anything. We need finished products.

    I want the wallet because they have also said its very simple to use and clean..

    I want the wallet because its been only 4 months and they are showing us that they are working..

    Oh and incase youre wondering, it hasnt even been confirmed that there wont be a buy button. The guy took Papas words and twisted them so he can bitch on a post. Papa said something along the lines of “cant confirm or deny” so this genius made a whole rant saying there wont be a buy button when.. it hasnt been confirmed or DENIED. Like what the fuck is wrong with people?

  16. Thomas AKa the wizard said they will try to have the buy button on or shortly after launch. V1 wallet release may not have full features. Think of it as a rough draft before writing your final paper. They were able to test run it with about 500 people signing NDAs to work out major bugs most likely. Its a whole different ball game when you have 3 million people jumping in at the same time. Can you imagine a flood of new people coming in trying to buy and they glitch or lose their money? how fast would they be turned off to safemoon? The public release is still a beta release not a final product. I know it sucks but let’s have some patience. This is a marathon not a sprint. You say its a mistake to release an unfinished product but I can’t think of any new software I’ve downloaded that didn’t need updates and bug fixes. Some things you won’t know until you get full traffic running through it. Besides dev team already told us the wallet is not our game changer.

  17. 1 m dollars was for all products including exchange, simplex (buy button) relies on your bank authorization and people will be available to earn reflections on safemoon waller rather than bitmart and other exchanges, volume will go up eventually

  18. The problem is the impatient childish world we live in. This realm especially. As an old guy with and even older thought process my brain works solely on common sense and logic. However that is not at all what fuels things currently. Putting out an inferior product still builds hype and draws people in. Just look at half the posts anticipating the exchange and blockchain to come in a matter of a couple months. The public impatience combined with the young leadership crew will produce rushed products. We just have to hope to hit the jackpot and these items don’t fail miserably

  19. Everything you said is correct.
    The problem is, the moral is already dying.

    They have to come out a with a bigger use case of big partnership if we stand any chance of making gains

  20. Oh damn I wasn’t aware of that. Honestly the main reason I was looking forward to it. I feel like some backlash could potentially change that so they better provide some clarity in the next AMA

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