What’s the Difference Between Shiba Inu Token And Dogecoin?

Hey guys! I just wondered what is the differences between SHIB and DOGE so here are some crucial points. Hope it will be useful for some of you. I cut the text a bit and added “read more” just to understand what’s more interesting to have a chance to write even more useful content next time. So let’s start from DOGE first.

# What’s Dogecoin, and How does it Work?

The cryptocurrency, which originated as a joke, has surpassed all others in terms of hype over the past year. Ironically, it seems to be quite sensitive to jokes, as evidenced by Ilon Musk’s humorous comments. The Dogecoin cryptocurrency was created in December 2013 by Billy Marcus, a programmer, and former IBM engineer. At the time, Bitcoin was getting a very bad reputation for involvement in black market transactions on the darknet, and Marcus wanted to create an alternative that had nothing to do with such dubious problems. The cryptocurrency’s name came from a meme and the image of a dog is used in the images it is illustrated with.

Dogecoin is based on Litecoin, and its… [

# What’s Shiba Inu Token, and How does it Work?

SHIB is the name of a cryptocurrency token called Shiba Inu. It is a token whose logo depicts the face of the same Shiba Inu dog that uses Dogecoin and, as its developers claim, aims to “replicate Dogecoin’s success in turning a joke into a joke. machine for making money”.Shiba Inu (SHIB), nicknamed the DOGECOIN KILLER, has been released in line with the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. SHIB allows users to have billions or even trillions of tokens.

While very little is known about Shiba-Inu, its white paper (dubbed “woofpaper” by its team) explains that it consists of 3 tokens (two are already in… [read more!](

# So, What’s the Difference?

Despite this, events show us that SHIB is trying very hard to stand out and show that it can have real use and be profitable without relying solely on memes. So, as far as advanced, the value of Dogecoin has grown incredibly in the past year, especially thanks to the support of celebrities like Ilon Musk and the acceptance of it by the community, which has made it one of the most popular tokens, which is now ranked nth.

Ranked 4th by CoinMarketCap we can say that the two projects… [read more!](

# Where to Buy Shiba Inu & Dogecoin?

The process of buying Dogecoin is quite simple. Especially considering that Guarda has already taken care of everything. There is no longer a need to go through a huge amount of documentation, and… [read more!](

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  1. Real use ? IMO shiba is just the satelite memecoin of doge and they’re both with no value since the supply is basically infinte, even if it goes to 5$ or 10$ or whatever it’ll eventually die, that’s how it was built. One real use case crypto is zenon since it has btc interoperability lowering the transactional fees and data, but don’t take it for granted, DYOR anon

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