What will it take

What will it take to break through this resistance level and start an upward trend. We have been in a steady decline. Im not complaining i know this is a new token and groth takes time.
My first purchase was .0000089 (20mil)shortly after the ath. I have continued to buy and am at almot 500mil. My goal i 1bil and i have no doubt i will get there. My biggest investment besides SM is Amc. With that being said i believe SM has such a tremendous upside. The team is amazing. I keep trying to get friends to invest knowing we are still at the infant stages but god forbid they put a little effort in to buy it. The wallet will be a gamechanger. I believe many new lazy investors will now have the opportunity to buy with ease. I see a new ath in our future. Love you guys

What do you think?

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  1. IMO, it will take for major whales to lose their selling power. I believe at that point there may be less selling and more buying which will contribute to less resistance but also more burn if new people are jumping on the wallet. I’m smooth brained for reference.

  2. When the market (btc) is above 40k for a week or so then we’ll see growth. Not a day sooner. Sadly the projects coming out during a bearish market won’t do much. It’s kinda sucky once u learn that the market goes thru cycles that can b very slow sometimes. But that’s the nature of manipulation. Once btc starts climbing any token or coin with any actual usage or game plan will go up as well. It’s the shit coins that don’t last the winter

  3. Be careful on your expectations my friend. PAPA said yesterday V1 wallet will not have all of its intended features. Buy direct button may not be there or even possible until blockchain. We are trading pair with Bnb right now direct buy button negates that. It takes another crypto to get SM no mater where you buy it. I’m no pro but I think that’s the way it will be for a while.

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