What tasks/bounties are available for new devs to do in BCH?

We need to onboard more software developers to Bitcoin Cash. Do the existing projects, such as Electron Cash, BCHN, [](, SmartBCH, the SLP Foundation, etc have tasks that need to get done and funds to get them with done with?

If so, why not collaborate on a single portal that aggregates those of each project’s tasks/bounties that they want to publicize with clear rules and specifications so that any capable programmer can find ways to earn BCH and ease into the ecosystem?

We could then add this portal to our repertoire of ways to earn BCH and links everyone shares and promotes, so we are harnessing the decentralized diversity of our ecosystem and constantly putting new hooks out there which software people can use to find a place in the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and get more BCH inflows to target adoption markets.

Here is an example of what I am talking about: []( (Kudos Andy Freer.)

What do you think?

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  1. Love this idea. Its creation itself can have a bounty.

    An additional column should show how much has been contributed/pledged to the bounty already. Then funders can browse the list as well, funding the unfunded line items as well as increasing reward for things they personally want to happen sooner.

  2. One problem I’ve noticed with creating new platforms for freelancers or software bounty hunters to use BCH is that they are deserted very quickly due to lack of users. Look at any of the job boards listed in the sidebar, for instance, and they’ll be mostly empty.

    It is far better to get an already widely used platform to adopt cryptocurrencies. [Bounty Source]( seems to support Bitcoin already, why not contact their team and ask them to support Bitcoin Cash as well?

    Since it has many users already, it will be easier to find developers to get work done, rather than trying to market a whole new platform in addition to a whole new currency.

  3. > Electron Cash, BCHN,, **SmartBCH**, the SLP Foundation,

    One of these things is not like the others. Minor point in the minds of some, perhaps, but smartBCH is not fundamentally a BCH development project. It is a side chain with its own development priorities based on mimicking Ethereum, which makes it a layer apart from the BCH ecosystem proper, in a way in which those other projects are not. And even though sBCH uses BCH as the ‘gas’ token for its processes, that will *not* automagically align its development interests with those of its ‘underlayer’ as smartBCH proponents call BCH.

    If the BCH community recruits developers to send to smartBCH, they will not mostly be learning how to code for the BCH ecosystem; they will mostly be learning how to code for an Ethereum-like ecosystem, and they will want to leverage that experience in the future, and since ETH is #2, they will have plenty of opportunities to do so. They will probably not be coming back to BCH. Just saying! It would be more prudent for BCH to allow any side chain trying to create its own ETH-like ecosystem to expend all the resources necessary to recruit its own developers as well, and thus focus BCH’s own resources on recruiting developers for its own native ecosystem.

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