What makes Deedy Digital unique?

Deedy caters to the growing world of digital artists, creators and collectors. They aspire to create the first cross-chain marketplace for NFTs and digital content where artists don’t have to pay massive commissions and rely on middlemen.


Deedy connect digital artists and users in a way that reaches far beyond a simple download or sale. Through their marketplace, unique experiences and offerings come to life: from original video performances, art, installations, images and collectibles creators want to sell directly to their fan base.


Deedy provide a way for users to experience digital content and the creative process by giving creators a platform that allows them to directly connect and engage with their fans. Giving back is something they strongly believe in, which is why they encourage and incentivize all users on their platform to enter NFT lotteries, view weekly virtual art galleries, rate the content artists upload as well as tip them with tokens for a job well done.


Deedy is a community of people coming together to enjoy digital art and users looking for quality content, who believe there is a better way to experience NFTs, share the unique relationship between creator and fan, and get rewarded for it.

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