What Makes Crypto Investment Safe? | by Social Cryptonia Poker

Social Cryptonia Poker

We often wonder, how safe is it to invest in cryptocurrencies?

Here are a few things to notice when thinking about cryptocurrency safety:

  1. Blockchain-based: Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain, which is a decentralised electronic ledger that records all the transactions related to your cryptocurrency. The transactions are recorded by mining of blocks, and therefore, the whole process becomes very safe.
  2. Complex puzzles and expensive equipment: Blockchain mining can be done by very powerful computers only, as it requires solving of very complex puzzles. Such computers are very expensive, acting as a block to the entry of frauds, making the whole system secure.
  3. Heavy investment: As the computers and the systems required to mine a block is very expensive, the profit margins are low for miners. Therefore, a person would need a lot of investment to create new blocks to create fraudulent transactions.
  4. Where to store cryptocurrency: Cold storage wallets, like your computer, can be used to store your cryptocurrency. A cold storage is not connected to the internet, making it inaccessible to hackers.
  5. Challenge for users: Cryptocurrency transactions are not very easy to implement, and hence cannot easily be reversed, either. There are new software being developed to make the task manageable for regular users.

Considering the value and return offered by cryptocurrencies and how safe they are, you can venture into making your next investment in cryptocurrencies like CPC.

CPC is a cryptocurrency that powers Cryptonia Poker, an online poker platform.

Its Pre-ICO is ending on 30th April, and it’s ICO will start on 1st May, 2018.

They are offering great prices and bonuses on ICO purchases, which could mean a high return on your investment, as the poker platform’s cryptocurrency takes off.

Invest, earn and win!

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