What is the primary objective?

Let’s have a discussion ?

*disclaimer* I have been a strong supporter from the start, and still am.

I just slightly feel like lately, we are bouncing from one bit of hype to the next. I enjoy the cryptic messages and I think they are good for keeping the community alert. However every week there seems to be something new teased or suggested.

Am kinda worried the wallet will get released, and all these other huge plans are going to be foiled one way other another by legalities or the sheer scale is just too much to actually achieve. I really hope operation pheonix goes ahead, however I’m right in believing that is not actually set in stone for that to happen?

All this talk of IOT and whatever the HOOT is about, we are being fed hype which I’m afraid in the long run might never be achievable.

Like I said, I hope we succeed… but lately it’s hard to keep track of what the team is actually gonna get done. There’s so much on the table, hopefully they can finish the meal.

What do you think?

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  1. I feel like a team member (either someone there already or adding one) that acted a bit more like a human than a sheepish robot when communicating would be cool. I guess I’d like to see someone passionately dismantle the haters criticisms and confidently tell them why they’re wrong.

    But clearly people are eating up their way of doing things so eh what do I know.

  2. Humanity in it itself causes things to fail…. We’re always trying to rush the process. This coin was created in March! Many are complaining about the growth…. Still others complain about the wallet or the exchange and this and that. This project presented us with an opportunity to change our lives like many other things have. We have 2 choices here—wait on it and let it come to fruition if you believe on it or just pass on it and don’t stress yourself with worries.

  3. The primary main objective is to destroy the evil power. Lol 5 points to anyone who gets that reference.

    Anyways I think that if you extrapolate this to its eventual conclusion many years down the line we should see a society where monies are redistributed through personal transactions to everyone’s benefits. To the point I think that money will be essentially useless. Think star trek and how it’s works for them. Of course this is many many decades down the line.

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  5. Can’t help but to wonder if they are not just stalling for the next crypto crash. I see the potential, but also beginning to see how many of the people who create crypto look at it and us investors. Not saying that is our team just in general people in the industry seem to jump from project to project that fails while still making millions. Lets face it most people invest in crypto for the same reason, out of greed. Perhaps us investors do deserve it when we lose our money.

Y’all seen what happened with YouTube’s DOGEfather and his crypto he made recently?