What is the difference between the SafeMoon wallet and the SafeMoon exchange?

Hey, so we got a wallet coming out end of July, but what does that mean for the exchange? Will people be able to buy SafeMoon with cash when the wallet comes out? With Simplex or whatever? Or is that a feature that will come out when the exchange comes out, which doesn’t have a release date…? Or are they both the same app? Or are they different apps? It’s very confusing.

So, end of July, I can buy SafeMoon with cash using the new wallet app? If not, what’s the whole partnership with Simplex for? Is it something that will come out a long time from now or something?

Very confusing. Appreciate it if you can help clarify. Thanks!

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  1. The simplex integration will be on the wallet. When released, the wallet will be just like trust wallet or MetaMask in essence. Another wallet to hold your SafeMoon on that will be hosted on the BSC (binance smart chain) when the wallet comes out (or shortly after I’ve read?) you’ll be able to buy safemoon with the “buy” button, just like how you buy BNB on trust wallet, except you don’t then have to convert it to safemoon on pancake swap, it will just be in your SafeMoon wallet.

    Not much info on the exchange yet, but I assume it will be like most exchanges. You’ll hold your cryptos there and trading gas fees will be paid in SafeMoon which will accelerate the burn.

    I’m not sure how they plan on migrating everything from the SafeMoon wallets to the new exchange/blockchain, but I’m sure they’ll figure it out. This is to the best of my understanding at this point.

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