What is LAND in The Sandbox?

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The Sandbox platform recently announced on its blog that it has become its own record holder with more than $ 2.8 million worth of Land (LAND) sales and 11.9 million SAND token sales last month.

That’s a 10x growth in 12 months, with The Sandbox celebrating the sale of 45% of all virtual lands in its meta-universe.

What is LAND in The Sandbox?

Lands (LAND) – are promoted through the OpenSea platform and are actually non-fungible tokens (NFT) created on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Sandbox platform itself is nothing more than a virtual card, on the territory of which users can buy land in the form of an NFT token. This purchase allows the token holder to create games, place banner ads and announcements on his Earth.

The Sandbox and Binance

Last month, The Sandbox platform began selling Earth (LAND) on the cryptoanalytic portal CoinMarketCap , which was acquired by one of the largest exchanges Binance, a major investor and supporter of the project. It was in the vastness of Binance that the first token sale took place, which raised $ 3 million on the Binance Launchpad platform.

Sandbox is also busy developing partnerships, having established over 60 contacts with famous players in the sector: The Smurfs, Care Bears, Crypto Kittens and Shaun the Sheep.

What is The Sandbox?

Sandbox is a community-driven gaming platform that allows users to monetize assets and gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain using NFT and SAND where they benefit from their creations.

The Sandbox has three types of tokens to ensure circulation between different types of users: players, creators, curators and owners of LAND:

  • SAND is a classic ERC-20 Ethereum token, which in the plans will be used in Sandbox as the basis for all transactions and interactions of the ecosystem, the ability to transfer it between users for P2P transactions is unlimited, and the emission, on the contrary, is limited.
  • Lands (LAND) is a virtual digital real estate in the Sandbox universe. You can buy Land (LAND) and place experience, games, assets on it, similar to the physical ownership of a land plot. Each LAND token is an NFT token that is on the Ethereum public blockchain (ERC-721). Also, the possession of Lands allows you to create your own districts on the platform, which have increased functions compared to LAND.
  • ASSETS (ASSETS) is a unique token created by players for user-generated content analytics (UGC). ASSETS are hosted on the ERC-1155 standard and sold on the market, but their main use is the creation of The Sandbox Game Maker games.

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