What if open source hardware makes Wallet Beta and Exchange super easy.

I don’t blame Papa for doing this I mean if I was in his position I would do the same thing.
You work your ass off on an exchange and token, plus on top of it a wallet and the CEO behind it truly wrecks the project. Wouldn’t you take the coding you already done and have access to a build it in something newer and better.

[White Paper for Exchange](

You have everything you require to build an exchange where people will learn to invest properly and easily. An exchange that you are able to transition to one currency to the other seamlessly, now you add on baskets for savings on both exchanges and wallet, with ways to basically stake it or take risk with it but teaching you as you go.

Also cold storage already built on the wallet, just put the thought behind that guys if they set up the contracts they were working on before, this will be such a seamless setup then add on the connection with Papa and the bridges that weren’t there before, this has become Papa project along with SafeMoonDev still.

I guess my feeling is that this incredible bit of art I feel will be able to be used by all of us and the 1 = 1 Safemoon is truly alive. I always tell people to read a white paper, look through it and research.

The cool features for putting in savings basket and watching your spending habits, I think all of this is implemented on the Safemoon wallet, we heard John Karony say it the past.


[Safemoon basket :D](

Why take a project from there, unless you knew it was going to be successful and ended too early because of someone else malicious act.


Also add on DAPPS, guys we are talking on GroupOn we are talking Ticketmaster, for a crypto currency that can be used for cash with just a QR scan or the card that Safemoon is working on! This is amazing for us and helps us grow and fast and the other thing it does guys, yes the burn, on top of burn from exchanges we are going to get it from people spending on DAPPS added to the wallet. Plus on top of t that it means contracts, micro loans, this is so incredible!

It is the help that Gambia needs to help teach their people and be able to start their own projects, then lets add on SafeX market to this ecosystem, this is incredible guys there is just more and more burn as we go. I want you to consider a lot of this as imminent!

The mesh network will be awhile but this other stuff guys is exciting!!

Please read this white paper its a frigging game changer!




So we have the wallet built and the exchange what would be next it would be Papa concentrating on the blockchain, could you imagine if we received the trifecta when it does open up?



What do you think?

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