What happens at a BILLION daily volume?

SafemoonMark has shown the straightforward relationship between volume and reflections repeatedly saying that for every billion safemoon you own, you will receive $50 per day per billion in daily volume. But what will be the price of each token at this point?

Looking at the historical data, it seems like the price is tied to the theoretical APY which floats around 9-10%.

Some quick math shows that if this trend holds, by the time we reach a billion in volume (aka $18,250 per year for each billion tokens owned), a 9% APY would mean the price of safemoon would be $0.00020278 and every billion safemoon you own would be worth $202,778.

Development believes this level of volume will be achieved after release of the exchange. If binance continues to have troubles the safemoon exchange can easily hit this benchmark and beyond.

If the exchange is released by summer 2022 then some more quick math implies that for around $3,000 now (rough price to buy 1,000,000,000 tokens), in a year it would be worth an additional $200,000…

If all crypto moons next year:
Bitcoin: $30,000 -> $500,000 => $3,000 -> $50,000
Etherium: $2,000 -> $50,000 => $3,000 -> $75,000
Doge: $0.2 -> $10 => $3,000 -> $150,000

Safemoon: $0.000003 -> $0.0002 => $3,000 -> $200,000

Plus you make daily returns comparable or better to staking… If you don’t mind me, I’ll be putting in overtime now to increase my bag…

What do you think?

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