what happen to this light node

DEBUG[07-25|16:07:55.175] Node entered set=dialed id=7beb389887574253 count=15 TRACE[07-25|16:07:55.175] Starting p2p dial id=765491aa55ba3773 ip= flag=dyndial TRACE[07-25|16:07:55.175] Starting p2p dial id=7beb389887574253 ip= flag=dyndial DEBUG[07-25|16:07:55.689] Adding p2p peer peercount=1 id=765491aa55ba3773 conn=dyndial addr= name=Geth/v1.10.6-stable-… TRACE[07-25|16:07:55.690] Starting protocol les/3 id=765491aa55ba3773 conn=dyndial DEBUG[07-25|16:07:55.690] Light Ethereum peer connected id=765491aa55ba3773 conn=dyndial name=Geth/v1.10.6-stable-576681f2/linux-amd64/go1.16.4 DEBUG[07-25|16:07:55.929] Light Ethereum handshake failed id=765491aa55ba3773 conn=dyndial err=EOFDEBUG[07-25|16:07:55.929] Removing p2p peer peercount=0 id=765491aa55ba3773 duration=239.921ms req=true err=”subprotocol error” DEBUG[07-25|16:07:56.160] Saved node state id=db20cf3242e242a5 state=[] DEBUG[07-25|16:07:56.161] Node left set=dialed id=db20cf3242e242a5 count=14

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