What Are Your Moves Tomorrow, July 15, 2021

Your daily trading discussion thread. Please keep the shitposting to a minimum.

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  1. Is CLOV being shadow banned?

    None of my YOLO or LOSS PORN posts makes it onto the new posts feed and they get literally 0 upvotes or comments which seems fucking impossible.

    I also don’t see very many CLOV posts despite it’s popularity.

    Am I crazy or have you guys noticed too?

  2. last night some random guy on the internet told me go bear on a stock even explained why in detail, did I listen…yes… but did I cancel it this morning, yes …save me a place behind the dumpster this weekend

  3. No one ever believes me and maybe I’m being superstitious but I fully believe if you get a snap fill at the mid price for an entry, that trade is probably fucked or if it’s a close you did it too early. I have so much evidence for this theory at this point it’s sickening.

  4. I will never recover from this financially. My life is over. You may be thinking “so what kid, you lost some money. You can make it back!” But you’d be wrong. I sold my liver on the Chinese black market. My fucking liver man. I had to find some quick way to pay for 10,000 shares of Gamestop at 400$ each because my first time here someone told me gamestop was going to be 100,000$ a share. It literally can’t go tits up, he said. I trusted him as he was speaking from a position of authority at 400 comment karma. I thought when I made it big and got rich I could just buy a new, better one. Sort of like margin, but using my organs as collateral. Now, I can’t even take a shot of Wild Turkey 101 without fear of dying. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried using the 50$ I have left to my name to make my money back playing options. But my luck is so fucking pathetic! I bought my first call option ever last week, and 10 minutes later the entire fucking U.S. economy was down 50 points. I bought a put the next day and within 4 milliseconds every single ticker listed on the stock market had a miraculous recovery to all time highs. I’m so fucking retarded. This whole system is rigged, I feel it to my core in the void where my liver once was. Well at least I can go out drunk, simply by pounding this bottle of Wild Turkey.

  5. I accidentally bought 12 contracts instead of 2 for Microsoft calls expiring tmrw 😢 I have no day trades and idk what to do, it’s half my portfolio and it’s prolly gonna be wiped out tmrw

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