Whale investors are ruining high potential projects, just to earn huge returns on their initial investments.

Actually, what the crypto market needs is a whole revolution, especially when it comes to launchpads. Nowadays, launchpads offer multiple investment tiers, and regular investors, like me, have to wait forever for their allocations.

Whale investors are dominating the market, they can simply cause unhealable damage to small and average investors. Imagine launching a project that is majorly owned by two or three big investors, this is not what “decentralization” is about.

One investment tier launchpads are a must, those would provide a healthy launching for really promising projects, allowing a fair distribution of allocations for all investors. This will attract huge number of people to invest in crypto. If things stay as they are right now, people would never believe in putting their money in DeFi projects. Personally, if I were and outsider I would probably keep my money in my bank account.

Unfair allocation is hurting DeFi itself more than the investors, those who do not understand what is going on are hating on decentralized finance for that. I read about a project call “Gpool”, a launchpad that guarantees one tier of investors, with allocations to all its whitelisted investors, hopefully it can be as good as I imagine.

We need equal fair and unbiased launchpads to invest in, but this is still hard to find.

What do you think?

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  1. so even if you remove the tiers won’t whales just buy a shit ton of them and dominate it anyways? seems like they are just adding a middle step. also decentralization means one party doesn’t control the data flow. has nothing to do with ownership of tokens or chain itself. i get what you mean it isn’t in the spirit but there are a lot of things that aren’t in the spirit of what they were created for and this is where crypto is headed.

  2. Crypto isn’t some communist “let’s make everything equal” agenda… It’s software. It’s software that facilitates new innovations by reducing costs and time needed for operations by cutting out middleman and automating operations in a trustless environment. That’s it. There is no implied social agenda that must be adhered to. And arguing that large companies investing in crypto (which is TECHNOLOGY) is “hurting the industry” literally makes 0 sense.

    “Imagine launching a project that is majorily owned by two or three big investors, this is not what decentralization is about.” This is a ludicrous statement.

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