We’re proud to announce the launching of BNBHUT 🍕 your hottest community based token launching on BSC! BNB rewards are to be delivered right to the doorstep of faithful holders 💰 Join the telegram to stay updated, on upcoming whitelisted presale and more!

BNBHUT is a lucrative BNB rewarding token with a great meme behind it. It will award all holders with the ability to receive % of all transactions in BNB!

Not only will BNBHUT award holders, it also has a unique tokenomics, improved buybacks mechanic, a amazing meme behind it, but also real upcoming use cases in the near future! Their whitelisted presale will be announced shortly in their Telegram. I would highly recommend checking it out because this team seems extremely experienced and i expect this to go very far. some more details are below.

**Tokenomics are as follows:**

4% buyback tax

3% redistribution in BNB

2.5% Marketing

2.5% Development

2% Selling tax adding to liquidity

**What is coming up for BNBHUT?**

Presale TBA soon 🔜

Website will be ready pre-launch!

CG and CMC will be applied to and sped up upon launch!

Many influencers are already waiting for the signal to promote this token

**Social Media and Links:**

🌐Website: 🚧Will be live before project launch

💬Telegram: [](

📱Twitter: [](


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