$WELL Health poaches Goldman MD πŸ‘€

weet baby Jesus, I hopped on the $WELL hype train at the start of the month and its been paying off. Breaking news this morning is that they poached a Goldman MD. Even the institutional guys are jumping ship to unicorn companies these days! The press release just came out a few hours ago so sites haven’t started to pick it up yet… I have a feeling $WELL will be soaring this week. [****]( Anyone else on the $WELL train?

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  1. My impression is that this further bodes well for a NASDAQ listing by year-end 2021.

    There is a vacuum between Teladoc’s valuation and Well’s valuation. Nature hates a vacuum. If able to get listed, I feel should get more visibility for the stock, for further expansion powered by share issuance. I find that their acquisitions are cash-flow positive, not really dilutive–and each acquisition has cost containment through economy of scale.

    There was a good line I came across that software is eating the world but chokes on healthcare, but Well seems to be able to navigate it successfully so far.

    I give it even odds of Well being acquired sometime over its lifetime, leading candidate Telus. Telus alas isn’t able to innovate much as a large company, but has capital to buy companies who do. Unless there is a tech crash, Telus or others will be coughing up quite a premium to buy Well.

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