Welcome To Locklet $LKT A Real Use Token Coming To Revolutionize The Crypto Space!

πŸ‘‰A Great Opportunity To Seize Welcome To Locklet A Real Use Token Coming To Revolutionize The Crypto Space!


Locklet ([]( $LKT β€” World-first decentralized vesting platform!

Public Sale (ILO): πŸ“… July 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM UTC on the UNICRYPT LAUNCHPAD ([](


πŸ’¬ Locklet is the world’s first decentralized vesting platform πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

It allows any crypto-currency holder to create more or less complex vesting clauses according to their need and have them executed over the desired duration and this is accomplished in a completely decentralized way.

Thanks to our platform, serious projects can now cryptographically differentiate themselves from scammy ones.


The platform is multi-chain, this means that our services are available seamlessly on different blockchains.

We are convinced that the crypto worlds diversity is a real strength, which is why we have decided to embrace this plurality

and integrate it into our foundations.





πŸ‘‡ Join us now to find out more


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  1. I love project that has got big Plans and good will for the cryptoworld, just like the MUSTCometh a project that’s looking to take blockchain gamming to the next levelπŸš€

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