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  1. Bitcoin is probably in its final downtrend. I don’t like cryptos but anticipated the short of 65k at 29k, so I am dealing with bitcoin. Now we are in the final distribution phase and should see another halving of the price for this. That means higher levels in the short term. Currently, I have correctly anticipated the move from 33k to 39.5k and there should now be a retracement to 33/34k. From here, bitcoin should rise to around 50k. This level results from the possibility of completing the second sell-off to the breakout line 20-22k with a move of <50%. Therefore, 50k should be watched, because from there bitcoin could fall to 20-22 / at least 25k. Here, one could then cautiously build a medium- to long-term position. In summary, it is very likely that the sequence will be similar: Superior: 65k to 20/25k Subordinate: 65k to 30k to 39/40k to 33/34k to 48/51k to 20/22-25k. Then the move is completely worked off and also a lot of leverage is worked off in bitcoin that was on the wrong side. Here we need to see if bitcoin positions are built up. is there anyone here who sees it similarly?

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