(WARNING-EARLY MORNING POSITIVE VIBES)We have had a glimpse of what could be and have another opportunity to take advantage.That is rare!

There will be believers and non believers. There will be people that make bad decisions on doge (paper hands/new investors)) that lose money and turn against the coin holders.And people from other coins getting less attention are going to do whatever they can to get the ball back in their court. Then there will be jealous/naive outsiders that will just be naysayers because of the simple fact that they aren’t involved. I READ BETWEEN THE LINES AND MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS LIKE MOST OF YOU ALL. AND I HAVE MY BELIEFS WHICH I GOT FROM DOING INVESTIGATING AND RESEARCH. There’s a lot of factors and a lot going on here. But if the past is any indication of the future I am going to keep buying more dogecoin every chance I get. My portfolio is 100% DC.. not always the best way but in a market like this -try averaging down on multiple stocks. Barely making a dent sometimes. I’d rather just ride it out keep buying more coins whilel I have the opportunity and see what happens in the future. Good luck and you aren’t alone and always have somebody by your side over here!

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