Wallet Release Drama

So since everyone is saying the DEVS were Aiming for the end of July for the wallet it wasn’t a set date. “So everyone quit crying or Just Sell.”
It is stupid to tell people to do this knowing this coin needs everyone it can get to survive and strive.
Just because you cult followers can’t take the criticism of other peoples disbelief in the coin don’t shut people out explain why they still need to believe in this coin not shun them.
I believe that the Devs need criticism for how they word & hype things.
So when the wallet finally drops and they are “AIMING” for no 10% swap fee and then it does have a fee how will you all feel then?

What do you think?

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  1. Or learn how to read 🤷🏼‍♂️. There was never a exact date set nor would there ever be for something that is still being tested until it’s been fully tested and this takes multiple stages of testing

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  3. We’re all adults. Anyone upset today can just disappear for all I care. If you’re worried about the 10% fee still being there, run away. I’m happy to leave 10% behind as I walk away with 90% of what can potentially be a fortune in the future.

    These devs are out there putting in THE WORK that can potentially FILL OUR POCKETS and these idiots spend the day SHITTING on them. I mean, for fucks sake, they invested their money here for a reason. Quit crying. Quit trying to rush a subpar wallet and let them make it perfect.

    We just waited a year+ just to go outside without masks on. You can’t wait another few weeks on your investment? GTFO

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