Videogame settings while mining

So since a lot of us are only single-gpu mining with their gaming rig, I thought why not share some of the core details in gaming whilst not losing that much hashrate;

I personally have an rtx 2070 super so my hashrate is around 44 mH

First of all, your fps should be capped; I have a 144hz monitor, but when I play for example Minecraft I cap it to 80 fps, just so it won’t go from 36 mH all the way to 25 mH while gaming.

Don’t use any type of anti-analysing; Basically anything that requires a game to use computation will make your hashrate drop. (in this instance calculate the hex of pixel 1 and 2 and combining the 2 to make a new color blending in with the rest)

Last of all don’t overdo the graphics; In a game like vanilla Minecraft (without mods, shaders etc) it is very easy to say it’s not “really” gpu hungry, but when I try to start Cyberpunk while my miner is on, I could forget it. That’s why when gaming you should find a perfect balance in graphics and performance by playing with those settings.


Thanks for listening to my TED talk.


TL;DR : Tweak the settings that are related to computational work to lower the decrease in hashrate while gaming

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