Very, Very longshot theory of OWLs

Herman Hesse: SteppenWOLF

English Translation by OWL Books

Story involves MOZART (Music)

Some could say a theme is: Usually things are not what they appear to be.

“Such contrasts, seen from a little distance, always tend to show their increasing similarity.”

In addition, Mozart informs Steppenwolf that “every individual is responsible not only for individual wrongdoings, but for the “fault[s] of their time.” Banks?

p. **96** : “He raised his hands as though he were conducting, **and a moon**, or some pale constellation, rose somewhere. I looked over the edge of the box into immeasurable depths of **space.** Mist and clouds floated there. Mountains and seashores glimmered, and beneath us extended world-wide a desert plain. On this plain we saw an old gentleman of a worthy aspect, **with a long beard**, who drearily **led a large following of some ten thousand men** in **black and teal**. It felt **safe**”

p. **38** “Passing by the Library I met a young **professor** of whom in earlier years **I used occasionally to see a good deal.** When I last stayed in the town, some years before, I had even been several times to his house to talk Oriental mythology, a study in which I was then very much interested.”

p.**40**: ; he believes in the value of mere knowledge and its acquisition, because **he believes in progress and evolution**


p. **84**: Then the slight oppression gave way to a new feeling like that a man feels when a tooth has been extracted with cocaine, **a sense of relief and of letting out a deep breath, and of wonder**, at the same time, that it has not hurt in the least. And this feeling was accompanied by a buoyant exhilaration and a desire to laugh so irresistible that **I was compelled to give way to it.** **You’ll be able to leave the farce of reality behind you directly.**

p. **54:** ” I have caught you from the very gates of hell and **wakened you to a new life.** ”

p. **144**: ” I thought you had learned the game better. Well, you will do better next time…. **I understood it all**. I understood Pablo. I understood Mozart, and somewhere behind me I heard his ghastly laughter. **I knew that all the hundred thousand pieces of life’s game were in my pocket, like tokens at a fair.** A glimpse of its meaning had stirred my reason and I was determined to begin the game afresh. I would sample its tortures once more and shudder again at its senselessness. I would traverse not once more, but often, the hell of my inner being. One day I would be a better hand at the game. **One day I would learn how to laugh.** Pablo was waiting for me, and Mozart too.


Now, see there how absurd this whole OWL thing is and how you can literally find meaning and ‘clues’ in ANYTHING. LMFAO. Sorry to have wasted your time, but hopefully this shows you the nonsense that can arise from inside jokes on the internet. P.S. I took some ‘artistic liberties by adding some words in there for effect. 😉

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