Vain rugpull tokens still in dev wallet, can we do anything?

Can Binance assist here?

Vain token was rug pulled today for around 55k+ USD. 0x6067652fe687aa221b6f86f398af4d0fe9bf45e3
and we’ve been tracking the movement of the stolen LP/money.
The current wallet holding the stolen funds is 0xC848F00fD73A53B00Ba7fBb1Fd18F85eEF886930
They transferred it to Binance-Peg on the wallet and I was wondering if there’s anything Binance could do to assist. The majority of the funds is still sitting in the wallet 49k as of now. A ton of investors including myself lost money due to a backdoor exploit in the contract and any assistance would be amazing.


Dev wallet: [](

Transaction rugging the Vain LP: [](

Converting stolen funds to BUSD: [](

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Here comes all the post bitching about “what about July??” Y’all hype stuff just to let yourselves down..

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