Using industrial fan to cool GPUs, feedback appreciated

Hey all, so my radeon 5700XT’s VRAM Temp loves to spike to 106c while on daggerhashimoto, and even if I crank up the fans on my GPU the memory temps still wont lower, and this causes my card to throttle only netting 2.86usd in BTC a day. So I went out and bought an 80W industrial to point directly at the system and my temps have since lowered to 96c and I’m netting 3.11USD a day.

The question is hand is, I’d like to know if this is safe for long term user(even though I plan to order some [thermal grizzly pads]( to replace the ones of my GPU(if there are any to begin with) as I remember seeing a post where a standard house fan pointed at a rig caught fire and lit up the entire room. I’ve tried searching for the post but I can’t find it.

[Fan specificastions](

For reference, here is a photo of the specifications of the fan.

What do you think?

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  1. ive set furnace fans of for places for mining, with thermal switches to kick on when the room hits temp


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