$USELESS [$14.600.000 MC] Check out our feature article in VICE journal. Just listed on CMC and CG. 100% growth yesterday. Learn about an innovative and unique concept in the crypto world – the first hyper-hyper deflationary token with PUMP-N-BURN mechanism

Vice article – [](


**The PUMP-N-BURN strategy**

* *What is the USP of $USELESS?*

TL;DR – [](

**1) We formed a company: Useless Crypto, LLC.**

* Registered in the US, all six core team members identified on [](

**2) This company develops various products. For example:**

* USELESS Merchandise ([](
* An innovative user-friendly (!) chart app
* A whale tracker app
* And some not yet fully-developed concepts.
* *We monetize all projects and roll a profit.*

**3) And this is where the token $USELESS comes into play and where the magic happens:**

* The company uses these profits to buy $USELESS which means: new capital comes into the market –
* 📈 **PUMP** 📈
* However, the company does not keep these $USELESS, but burn them immediately:
* 🔥🔥 **BURN** 🔥🔥

**4) PUMP-N-BURN**

* This makes $USELESS the world’s first serious hyper-hyper deflationary token. Buybacks are from external BNB, not recycled from internal BNB — like so many other tokens!

So, some more quick facts:

🤝 **We are part of the new “DeFi Alliance”** Created by ex-SafeMoon core team member Ragnar, which also includes notable projects such as:

* PiggyBankToken
* The Collective Coin

🐳 **95 % friendly whales**

* 29 of the top 30 holders came forward and have agreed to support the project

🧮 **Tokenomics – because why the hell not?!**

* 4 % is added to LP, 4 % is distributed to the holders (incl. burn wallet)

**Useless links:**

✅ Contract [](

✅ CMC [](

✅ CG [](

✅ Contract owned by multi-signature safe [](

✅ Chart [](

✅ Discord [](

✅ Telegram [](

✅ Reddit [](

✅ Twitter [](

✅ Instagram [](


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  1. I originally joined this as it seemed like an interesting and relatable concept with a fun community spearheaded by a legit team of devs.
    All of a sudden I wake up to daily ATH’s and what I originally saw as Useless investment has now forced me into buying a 2nd wheelbarrow and SALLY merch. Absolutely Useless

  2. The Useless website is what initially sold me on this project. Now they’ve added merch and are working on developing several apps that will help crypto newbies navigate the difficult waters of the crypto space. New ATH’s are being reached every day, we are surely headed to the sun!


    Join the community in telegram and verify you are purchasing the correct SHIBARISE
    ⭐️Low Market Cap
    ⭐️Community Strong
    ⭐️Big Projects in the Works
    ⭐️Advancements Everyday
    💎2% rewards to holders
    🚀 3% marketing tax
    🔥6% Buy-Burn-Reflect
    🚨Slippage: 13%

  4. Useless sold me based on sheer honesty of what it was when I first got in, however the more I’ve gotten to know the team, the more I’ve seen the passion behind it and the absolute joy in the community, and the brilliance of the dev team. It’s infectious. GO USELESS!

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