Update for Social Media ADs and community marketing.

Hello SafeMoon community! I know that I have been gone a while, and no I did not jump ship. I wanted to be able to have all the answers for all of you as I always have. So, a while ago I sent a DM to Ragnar (This is before anyone knew he left SafeMoon) Asking about if SafeMoon had a marketing team in-house or did they hire a company. I did this to make sure our social media campaign was not going to interfere with anything SafeMoon was doing with social media advertising. He told me he left SafeMoon and I would have to ask someone else. So I asked on Discord about who was working with marketing. Then I was sent a DM by WarFighterZ He works with the marketing team. I told him what we were doing and if this was going to overlap SafeMoons marketing plans, and it has taken a while to get an answer from him and we have gone back and forth about this. So here is a breakdown of what I asked and how he answered now if anyone wants to see screenshots of this conversation, I can send them, but I was told that I should not release DM’s but as always, I am transparent with all of you and will do that if you want me to but here is basically what has happened.

WarfighterZ basically told me after going back and forth for weeks that the community is not allowed to do any marketing of any kind using only SafeMoons name. We are only allowed to do marketing like we did in times square if we put **“Sponsored by SafeMoon community.”** The social media AD campaign that we are doing must have this written on the bottom of the Ads. The PR campaign that we paid for a not allowed at all, because the articles written seems like news from SafeMoon. I wish they told us that before we spent that money on the PR campaign even though we put one out already. So, I am in contact to get our money back to go in the SafeMoon account, so we have more money towards the social media ads or other things we want to do. I do not know if we will be able to get a refund.

I also asked if Safemoon was willing to match our donations. Meaning if we as a community raised $4000.00, they would put in $4000.00 he said no SafeMoon will not do that.

I then said that some of the community thinks that only the community is doing billboards and PR campaigns and Social Media ads and SafeMoon is not, and I quote he says to me “SafeMoon is working on bigger projects themselves.”

So, I guess if you all want to, we can continue the marketing for SafeMoon because it seems as though SafeMoon is not going to market themselves. If everyone is okay with that we can continue. If not, then I am going to get GoFundMe to refund all your donations. Let me know in comments please what your thoughts are.

Lastly, I asked WarfighterZ if I could set up a phone conversation with him to discuss what the community would like to do and all that to make myself clear to him, but he said he has no time for a 5-minute phone call. If you have any questions for him, you can DM him on Discord. Again, sorry I was gone for so long, but I wanted all the answers for the community.

What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for being transparent and also just for all of your hard work over the last few months. I know bringing not-so-great news to the notorious SafeMoonArmy probably isn’t the easiest task. Kudos to you, sir, for everything. Well done.

  2. Maybe, just maybe they dont do marketing right now because its not yet the right time. I mean maybe they will put up some ads along with the milestones like when wallet has been release. If so, maybe just help boost their ads when that time comes

  3. Thank you for this information, Owen. I know being in limbo with ongoing discussions leaves little to report, but the SafeMoon Army really appreciates your efforts!

    I’m not sure that WarfighterZ represents the sentiment of all of SafeMoon’s PR and marketing team. I often have better luck reaching out to different people when I somewhat hit a wall like this. It could be that the team is gearing up to do a big advertising push when the wallet comes out and another with each of the products in their ecosystem, and all of their focus is on that.

    Regardless, SafeMoon has an engaged community and I think that community-funded marketing should continue to get the word out about this awesome cryptocurrency. Glad you’re still with us!!

  4. Thanks for the update Owen. As always what you do for this community is beyond words of appreciation. I think we should continue as a community driven campaign and I’m personally ok with it reading sponsorship by Safemoon Reddit community. I think we should still continue with the Burj khalifa after wallet launch as originally planned also since we have a member already committed to paying for half the cost.

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