Update #4: Crypto Party Ended 3 Months Ago and Most Don’t Realize It Yet

we peeked early this cycle because of people like Ben Cowen, a professional con artist, selling you his brand of snake oil subscription.

I plan on releasing my limited edition Renewable Energy coin. only 1,000,000 will be created so that it will be a fixed supply. there will be a 25% founders pool, 10% developers pool, and the rest will be in the staking pool. get in early as we are set to go to the MOON baby. renewable energy is the answer and source for never ending power.

herein lies the problem, anybody, and anyone can release coins on a whim and funnel money into their scam coin. these coins will suck up your money, founders exit with your hard earned cash, and the market crashes leaving you with worthless coins.

a Cautionary tale.

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  1. Did you make some kind of terrible trade when watching one of his videos and then got scared when ETH dropped 10% and cut your losses or something? I don’t see how someone in their right mind can think a small Youtuber like Ben could’ve been the reason for an early peak in a cryptocurrency cycle.

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