Up to $2300 worth of stock! Limited time Webull promotion

This is a no brainer promotion happening right now for every single person interested in crypto out there. The more buying power, the better.

Webull is a SEC registered, SIPC insured broker (up to $500,000 in securities insurance), known for being the biggest competitor to Robinhood and one of the biggest investing apps in the app store. They have awesome features and a really beautiful app/user interface. I would highly recommend the app to everyone. They blow Robinhood out of the water in every single way possible.

They have a limited time promotion going on right now: Register an account with the link below and get 2 stocks worth up to $2300.

For the first stock, you don’t need to do anything. Just create an account. To claim the second stock, you need to deposit $5 into the account. Once funds are settled, you can claim the stock.

If you’re not interested in investing, i’d still recommend signing up just for the cash. You don’t even have to use their app, you can just sell whatever stocks you get from the promotion when the stock market is open during the week and transfer the money back to your account. And then spend with whatever you want, or transfer the money to your brokerage of choice.


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