Unreachable goals

1B SFM seems like the main ultimate goal on this subreddit .

For a lot of us it’s just an unrealistic dream-goal. For some of us it is *just* achievable after many many deposits. For quite a few active members of the subreddit , they have well surpassed this goal.

For those that struggle to even reach 100M – remember this

1B = $3000+ right now

Once we loose a zero (and we will DEFINITELY loose a zero)

1B = $30,000+ (no longer looking like a realistic goal for many people)

So, once we have lost that zero, people’s ultimate dream goal will now be 100M SFM

100M = $3000+

What if we loose another zero… wow… now new holders are wishing they could reach 10M SFM tokens

10M = $3000+

And remove another zero (we’re not even at a penny yet). People are wanting *just* 1 million SafeMoon tokens.

1M = $3000+

It will happen.

So, we, all of us, are early to SFM. Those of us with 1B+. Those of us with 100M+ and even those of us with 10M+ are sitting pretty for this journey. Just HODL.

What do you think?

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  1. Reading this makes me feel better. I just hit my goal the other day. And I’ll continue to invest a little every paycheck but I’m not gonna lie I feel super regretful I didn’t invest earlier on. If I just invested on day one I’d have around a million dollars. But obviously I don’t have a time machine and in a few years so many more people wish they’d be investing when I did

  2. I don’t even have 10M haha, poor guy here that just wanted to learn about crypto and Safemoon was the way I did it. I invested what I could afford to lose and now i’m in for the long haul!

  3. Agreed, but you just chip away at it. I started investing early May…$50, $75, 100, 50 etc etc it all adds up..Am at 700m now…working toward 1B while its on sale…Also by multiple small purchases you dollar cost average…HODL…

  4. Agree.

    When I first got into Dogecoin it was five cents. Everyone around me had like a million coins. Because they bought in early. Now that’s not the case.

    Just remember that. 1B is a reachable goal right now but in six months I don’t think it will be

    For some, 100M is reachable but not 1B. That’s okay too. Because in six months, 100M will be unreachable. And you’ll be sitting on it smiling and glad you got what you got.

  5. Also, keep in mind that when the block chain is released that the transition may not be 1-to-1. Meaning 500 safemoon tokens might = 1 safemoon coin. Of course the value of your bag would be the same but we would reach the circulation supply goals faster. For instance, if we get 500 billion in the burn wallet, delete the wallet and then make 500 tokens = 1 coin. Boom, we are now at 1 trillion circulating supply. All the same tokenomics apply and 1 safemoon coin would be worth $0.000332. The true power of safemoon is volume. Most important steps are getting on the largest exchanges and all these use cases the devs are busting ass creating. I’m psyched for the future no matter your bag size.

  6. It’s a great way of laying it out!!! It will never be this cheap again buy responsibly and get as much as you can over the next few weeks/months because once the full wallet and exchange are rolled out we will lose and few zeros!!!💰💰💰

  7. If an unlimited supply of Doge can go past 50 cents, I feel like safemoon can hit 1 penny no? The Doge phenomenon still blows my mind, but I am here for the long haul simply due to this fact.

  8. Don’t believe everything you read. Lots of these people on here are stroking their own ego’s. They don’t have 1B tokens. Hell, I have 1B tokens… See that for a second you probably believed it. I don’t even have 100M tokens. Just work with what you got. You don’t have to be a millionaire off of one shot. I want it, but I’d be excited to take a couple hundred K.

  9. I feel that we are closing to adding a zero than to loosing one. As explained by Mark in one video the price will for the moment decrease by ~1.3% per day on average. High demand etc can of course increase price but on average price will decrease.
    As many on this sub don’t expect the wallet itself to be massive game changer, I even consider price decreases after its release end of July.

    On the long run, I share your optimism


  10. The real question for me is will it dip much further or should I stock up all I can now.. cuz we all know it will dip after i buy more dammit. Happy for the chance to stock up and lookin forward to 5yrs down the road or so imo

  11. I see it as, when the price is low as it is now you should accumulate as much as you can afford. This could mean the difference between waiting a few months or years to see the price you want to sell at. I’ve bought twice during this down period, and hoping I can load up a third time.

  12. If and when the wallet beta testing starts, I’ll definitely put in that money to get 1B. Right now they’ve only sent out NDAs.

    I have no clue if this project will actually moon but the wallet is the first major step forward. That’s the one confirmation I need.

  13. I remember when I made my first purchase for 13M and my goal was 50M, I reached 50M and wasen’t contempt so I kept working to get to 60M.

    I ended up past that 100M and I’m not going to lie, I wish I had 200M or more but i’m happy with my holdings and will continue to keep adding.

    So even you can only afford 1M coins, don’t fear because you could one day be a whale!

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