Unpopular Opinion. we need another manual burn or needed a bigger burn at the beginning. 1/2 a Quadrillion shares is just too much right now.

yeah yeah i know, “burn this” … and “reflections that”. But safemoon is a legitimate company with great ideas. But its tough for us to get anything going with this number of coins though……. where normally we would have price action with good news (and that price action attracting more attention from traders and hodl’rs and bringing more volume)…..we cant…. bc of half a QUADRILLION coins of supply. also it kind of messes with our ability to be taken seriously by legitimate traders and institutions. not a hater. and this isnt fud. and with this project i agree with having a high starting supply……but not THAT high. don’t get me wrong though, still gonna hodl it out….for science.

What do you think?

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  1. I understand your point and Iโ€™ve thought it. I think the large supply pool is needed for a couple different reasons. 1) it allowed the initial pride to be extremely low and for regular people to acquire big bags. And then 2) The Exchange, Gambia, etc are all going to require liquidity pools. The large supply will be necessary at some point I believe

  2. Our token is divisible into like 18 decimals. The supply is a marketing technique.

    Our supply is actually 1 quadrillion times 1 quintillion (18 decimals).


    Is our actual supply when divided into the smallest pieces.

    It doesnโ€™t really matter how many tokens there are, all that matters is how the % is spread around. 1 token could be spread across 4 million holders and we would be in the same place.

  3. What does the amount of tokens have to do with anything? Bitcoin has a maximum 21 million supply, BNB has 153 million and Eth has 116 million supply.

    How is it too mich? It’s just a number, and we all have calculators

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