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Hi everybody,

I’m a trader from the eToro trading platform that recently decided to try out the crypto market. Long story short – on eToro itself one can buy crypto but unfortunately one doesn’t own it, rather eToro keeps the tokens on your behalf. For that reason I decided to register on a platform where one actually purchases the crypto itself and after some research my choice fell on Coinbase. Unfortunately I experienced some troubleshooting after having verified my account and so I wrote to the support. As an answer I got back an automatically created email 2 minutes later, advising me to check out their ‘help’ page when I explicitly mentioned in my message that I read and did everything from their help section and unfortunately nothing helped. My problem stayed unsolved and as somebody with some background knowledge in IT besides also finance I know that at least a part of the issue would have taken minutes to solve…

Is this only my unique experience and they are simply overloaded right now or is this company actually really treating their clients like that? If that’s the case – does maybe somebody here have better experience with other companies where one can purchase crypto that can be recommended?

What do you think?

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