ULTGG Sending the First NFT and CryptoCurrency to Space 🚀This Week! | Mooning Now | Soon on CoinGecko + CoinMarketCap | Huge Chinese Advertising Campaign + PooCoin Ads!


The team dropped a **HUUGE** news regarding the **FIRST EVER** NFT Launch in to Space including own
currency Token **$ULTGG!**

From an unknown location in the UK – a small rocket will fly containing it’s own NFT – they will be Live
Streaming the entire process which will make this have a HUUUGE impact on the currency and the
community itself!

This is about to be huge and blow the mind of all the entire Crypto Space, Elon Musk included!

Marketing has only just kicked in and we are mooning! Don’t miss this one! Same marketers as SPORTEMONGO and they will be driving this thing to 100M MC this week and then upwards from there.

Mark my words.

– **More Marketing:**


[Marketing Revealed](

**Be aware of many contract SCAM!** 🔥 **JOIN THE ONE AND ONLY Telegram GROUP with 15000 Members**: [](

REAL CONTRACT ADDRESS: 0x2065e3bd318f155abe5ad6aa263596f197112261

**UltimoGG** represent a massive **GREEN FLAG** in the Crypto Space, especially in the ***Binance Smart Chain*** ecosystem. In a space where there is a lack of trust and honesty – this project was able to show that it’s here to stay and to make history ✅

CEO of UltimoGG which is known now as Willy the Hedge Fund Hippy, have refunded more than 50k$ from his own pocket – to victims of a whitelist e-mail leak right before the launch of the Token 🙌


**What is UltimoGG?**

**$ULTGG** is the revolutionary gaming token from UltimoGG, an estabilished company since 2017 operating in the UK, in the gaming field.

You can see the **UltimoGG** Platform as the decentralized and crypto version of Twitch – even with similar functions to those offered by Youtube 🎮

Gamers get rewarded for everything done on the platform, from winning tournaments to creating content and contributing to the community, then spend your ULTGG on the platform and with their partners💰

Purchase NFTs or even create your own featuring your greatest gaming moments or convert ULTGG into real-world money to turn your dream of a career in gaming into a reality.

🕹️**$ULTGG** will democratise esports and give gamers & content creators around the world the power to build a better future through gaming and set to rival **YouTube** & **Twitch**.

– **Who’s behind the project?**

Willy, the funny Hedge Fund Hippy is the CEO of the project. He’s being going viral all over Reddit and Twitter, also thanks to his funny hat and the fat cigars he’s smooking too.

Beside that, there is also a big group of Experienced Marketers, with a lot of knowledge in the Crypto field and Social Media, which till now, have lead the project to a Market Cap of 19$ Million Dollars. And this is still the beginning.

– **The community:**

The community is made up of users of all ages and from all over the world. One of the winning points of this project is the loyalty of its community members – who work daily to make the project soar! More than 17.000 Telegram Members – being part of a polite and great community.


**- Official PooCoin:**


***Extra Links:***

🔥Token Website: [](

🔥Platform Website: [](

🔥Twitter: [](

🔥Merch: [](

**Also, some info about the Tokenomics:**

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Tax: 12% (5% liquidity, 3% reflection, 2% development, 2% marketing)

• 10% locked wallet set aside of future exchanges

• 10% Locked wallet for marketing

• 5% Locked wallet for development

• 5% locked wallet for charity donations

Paper hands are out already.

**This is going to be insane project. DYOR.**

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  1. By far the best project in bsc right now and I’m so glad I’m holding!! Still very early for people considering it. The plans the devs have for this project are literally out of this world!! NFT TO SPACE

  2. ULTGG esports company established 2017, launched in crypto 2 days ago! Constant updates from devs and hugely successful CEO all doxxed! Gonna 5x 1 week!! Let’s gooo
    NexT gaming evolution Changing lives for gamers!!

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